Hey, I've just started a new blog for abuse survivors. https

Hey, I've just started a new blog for abuse survivors. https://afterpsychopathicabuse.wordpress.com

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i resonate with your blog i am 51 years old now and suffered abuse for 5 years by a psychopath only to find my one way to be rid of him was to get with a hard man who then went on to abuse me too this went on for nine years in total 5 years of rape control belittlement violence bullying and terrorising only to find my one escape was into the arms of another psycho a hard man to stop the stalking but as this turned sour so did his behaviour and more violence by this time i was conditioned to accept anything and blame myself..i have never recovered from all this and have ptsd years later

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Follow my blog, and we'll walk this road together. I have 100% faith that you can heal. I was abused in childhood...incest, sexual abuse, battery, abandonment... I had one boyfriend go to jail for attacking me...and I wound up with the psychopath mentioned in my blog; because I thought he'd protect me. Bleh! Recovery is possible.

Warm wishes

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