Hey peeps ! ..it's been a month since I found out I had he

Hey peeps !! ..it's been a month since I found out I had herpes type 2. I tried to stay positive for about a few weeks but in that few weeks I realized I had a lot of up and Downs.. depression. .anxiety... which I never really experienced like this before..nothing like this..panic attacks and all... but today I finally reached out for help in stead of shoving it inside. It was my first day bak at the gym worked out hard!!! Just like I use to before I found out omg it felt so good that's what I needed to release my stress plus talking with a therapist now and support from my coworkers which are doctors and nurses and they made me feel so much better... If anyone feels like me or what I been experiencing go talk to some one !!! So from here on out I'm gonna push my self to eat right and work out everyday or every other day!! I will not let my self fall apart..I gotta keep saying that to myself and remind myself of how strong of a woman I am ..I'm not that weak person I felt like I was becoming!!!

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That's great!! Keep up the positive thinking, and working out will help cause it will make you feel better :) I'm glad things are starting to get better for you

Thanks staying positive one day at a time!!!

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so glad to read that you are in getting to a better place!

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