Hey Supporters, I have not been doing well and beginning

Hey Supporters,

I have not been doing well and beginning to fall into a deep depression. I have been unemployed for almost 4 months now, filling out job apps everyday. I’ve fallen so behind with paying bills and rent that family has had to step in to help, but they no longer can over extend which I understand. I’ve mostly been looking for work online because I have no vehicle and it would be most convenient for me to at the moment. I’ve experienced harassment in the past taking public transportation (bus) and it’s caused PTSD to where I don’t feel safe using that as a route anymore. I was expected to start a new job within a week (online), but someone called recently saying that they may have to rescind my offer because I got end dates mixed up, which causes more of a job gap than what they allow. I’ve never had this be an issue before, nor have I ever had an offer be rescinded. Rent is due again and I was counting on that income to finally bring some relief to my situation. I cannot get out of my lease until June, and so I am torn and exhausted from exploring every help option I possibly could. I am a single person with no kids, living on my own if that also gives insight. The person from HR said that she would call back Monday and see if I’m able to get my dates together for the job, otherwise they’ll likely have to rescind offer. I don’t know what she’s asking of me if she got the dates verified, what more could I say? I’m not sure if I will have a job now moving forward, so this leaves me in a desperate position. If anyone could please leave me any words of encouragement, advice or resources that could possibly help it would mean a lot.

Utilize 211.org: Through 211.org or by dialing 211 you can learn about rental assistance programs in your area.

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I am sorry, this is a difficult situation. All I can tell you is try to hang in there and hope that you will still get the job. Think positively and hopefully in order to prevent the depression. I hope you are not cooped inside your place. Try to go out and take a short walk to clear your mind. This often works for me because fresh air and sunshine can help fight negative moods.

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Does sound odd when there are supposedly so many companies that need employees. Maybe ask them point blankly to give you an opportunity to prove your skills. I think employers want to hear that you are willing to put in the work. Good luck to you!

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Hello, do you have any good news to share?

Hello @Lookn4raysofSunshine
Unfortunately the offer was rescinded and it was nothing I could say to make them give leniency to my situation. It’s Ok, I’ve since accepted things and have concluded that it possibly was just not meant to be. I continue to apply and remain optimistic about new opportunities. Thank You for checking in with me, I appreciate it!

Don’t lose hope, pray. I’m sure God will have something better for you soon. I know here in California they have Caljobs where you could apply for work.

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@StrongMomma Thank You so much, I’m hopeful that something better will come for me also