Hey there, I'm Jordan and I am out completely as trans FTM

Hey there, I'm Jordan and I am out completely as trans FTM. My siblings and very close friends accept it and support my journey in transitioning. However, my father doesn't accept me for who I am. He has literally told my oldest sister that he hates me because of this. The thing is he supports my partner 100% who also identifies as trans FTM. He has always been physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive towards us children. He keeps calling me and even wants me and my partner to go visit him within the next couple months because his current girlfriend is expecting. When he speaks to me he refers to me by my birth name and she/her pronouns. This makes me extremely uncomfortable to the point that I can't sleep at night. He showed up at our house with no warning a couple weeks ago and that triggered my PTSD real bad. I want to ignore him, so I can move on in life and be who I truly am but he knows where we live and we can't move right now or anytime soon because finances are extremely tight. I don't know what to do. Hope someone has some advice or tips to help me.

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do you need his acceptance for some reason?

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I wonder why you choose to still be in contact with a man who was abusive in childhood and now? You are a man, not his daughter anymore and if he can't see that he has an amazing son, then that is his loss.

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I agree, I think I do it out of fear. You are right, it’s his loss on having an amazing son!

I'm sorry he's so bad. I'd say it would be best to just end any continuing relationship with him. Call or write a long email saying you do not want to hear from him ever again. And if he keeps showing up at your house? Restraining order. Good luck

that’s a decent idea, I’ve already had to have him arrested for abuse in 2013 before i got sick so i’ll do it again if needed, which he can’t afford any more legal trouble cuz he’s on parole