Hey u guys, my dad is gay and he constantly denies it. we ha

hey u guys, my dad is gay and he constantly denies it. we havent really spoken in a while because he is also a liar and a narcissist. i really dont want him to think that i am not speaking to him because of his sexuallity when in fact is is about the lies and mental abuse i have received from him. i want to explain that to him but i cant i cant eve look him in the eyes anymore after all the pain he ha caused me and my family i dont know what to do.

Try not to worry about the sexuality part, he knows if he hasn't treated you right. Dont worry about doing anything because even if you did contact him in some form he wont respond the way you hope he will. You might be wanting some kind of closure im not sure but if thats the case look within yourself not him. Get real clear with what your boundaries are, what you will not tolerate and only be treated with love and respect. Maybe you could journal about that to drive it in deeper and be confident with how you expect him or anyone to treat you and if they can't then you have no choice but to keep your distance.

thx so much for the support and the advice and i completely understand what you mean by not getting the response that i want. i will definitely try journaling to collect my thoughts.

@froggie_boi you’re welcome. I didn’t get notification of your reply I just happened to see it. I read some of your other post it sounds like you need a lot of support from the narcissism group. I know personally how sad and frustrating it can be when it’s almost impossible to have a relationship with a parent regardless of the reason bit when narcissism is in the mix that’s a whole other problem unlike any other. I know educating yourself on narcs will help you a lot.

yes i try to educate myself as best as i can about his condition so that i can better understand him and control my emotions towards him.i still need a lot of time to cope with and accept the fact that he will never be that father figure that i want and need him to be

@froggie_boi hey froggie, I didn’t know you replied because you didn’t tap on the word (reply) in the lower left corner of my text box before you replied to me. :wink: