Heyo, I am new to this Group! It's my mom that I want to tal

Heyo, I am new to this Group! It's my mom that I want to talk about because I really can't vent to anyone else... :(

She's always been *a bit* overweight throughout my life, which is fine. She looked fine, it was really just a few extra pounds. It didn't look like her health was at risk or anything. Until now. Over the last 6 years she's been gaining a lot. She's been trying to diet a lot and complaining about her weight. She feels really self-conscious but she's not doing much about it anymore... She has a foot problem that she thinks is plantar fasciitis, but I think otherwise. PF gets better with physical therapy and sometimes with steroid shots, but no matter what she does it doesn't get better. She's had an MRI done and there were no hairline fractures, nothing. Maybe it is PF? I'm no doctor....

It's really saddening and I feel for her. I wish I could say something but I have no idea what that would be, not to mention the fact that it's seemingly unacceptable to ask about someone's weight to their face, ya know? I'd just feel like a real a-hole for bringing it up and telling her how concerned I've been.
Is there anything I can do? Or should I just keep quiet and accept it? Who I am to tell someone how to live their life, or take care of themselves? I don't know what to dooooooooo!!!! :'( Please help ;-;

How do you know PF gets better with PT and steroids?

@Lookn4raysofSunshine She went to a doctor and told us all that goes into treatment for PF, and she’s been doing PT almost everyday since the dude told her to. It’s still not helping. She’s gotten about 4 shots, I think? That should have been enough. My grandma had PF when she was younger and when she got one, it went away immediately and never came back. I think she had to do some PT as well since it hinders your walking quite a bit. But the point remains: I do not think this is PF