Hi 18 in my first year of college and I've suffered from acn

hi 18 in my first year of college and I've suffered from acne since i was in the sixth grade I've tried every drug store product and nothing worked i tried proactive and that didn't work either, feeling like a monster around my friends and family with their perfect skin i tried x-out which has also not worked yet my hope for clear skin is honestly starting to wear thin.

i hear tooth paste works wonders

@Ck80211 I’ve tried that too didn’t work

what about Light therapy

@Ck80211 never heard of it but I’ll check it out since nothing else has worked :slight_smile:


@dorkydork i start tretinoin and im on my second week. starting to see great progress. it basically pushes out all the bacteria and gives you a new layer of skin slowly. im peeling a little bit but im hydrating a lot with Juice Beauty products. Great stuff (all organic).

@VWhit is that like a cream or something you go to the doctors for ?

Juice Beauty products are all available at Ulta. they may be available other places, but i got mine from Ulta. If you dont have an Ulta near you, I think you can order it online.

I would try Rodan+Fields Unblemish Regimen... it worked for me... I'm finally acne free after suffering for 20 years!

My name is Sarah and I am 15 and struggling with moderate acne. A family member of mine works with Rodan+Fields and I am soon about to start the regimen. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about how it worked for you? I am praying it will work! Thanks!