Hi all- First, thanks for being a part of this support group

Hi all- First, thanks for being a part of this support group. It took me a bit to find a community that could perhaps help us out, and I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to provide support and admire your willingness to seek support. I'm writing because -long emotional roller coaster story super short- after a whirlwind month that started out with a non-healing diabetic foot ulcer (turned gangrenous) and then included some emergency stenting in my dad's heart and leg, we ran into complications that sent him home to hospice a few weeks ago. Miraculously in the last couple weeks, we've been able to stabilize and even improve a number of his issues and though his foot is worse, we've also managed to keep serious infections controlled. As a result of his critical, yet stable condition improvements and the ongoing need to address his foot, we've just been approved for amputation next week. We are to focus this week on maintaining his stability and building up his reserves to get through the amputation. I have so many questions. I know for my dad's case in general, the procedure/recovery is still risky and the overall prognosis is still dire, but we are still so thankful he is here with us and we have this chance to potentially improve the quality and ideally some quantity of life. We feel confident in our vascular surgeon that has agreed to perform the procedure (still not sure how much needs to be amputated quite yet), but fairly certain it will be a below the knee amputation. 1) any advice/questions to ask the doctor in advance of the procedure? 2) any tips for pre or post-op? 3) what sorts of supplies should I have at home to help with recovery and pain management? 4) how bad/how persistent is the pain and what helped you the most? 5) we would appreciate any additional prayers and general well wishes as we go through this next phase. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions, tips, advice, and support.

This group isn't super active, but I looked online and this seems like a resource that can answer a lot of your questions. https://www.amputee-coalition.org/limb-loss-resource-center/resources-fi...

@CKBlossom Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

Wow something out of the box step.