Hi all! I am new here .. I have had several compression frac

Hi all! I am new here .. I have had several compression fractures in spine. And about a month ago was putting heating pad up over my bed wedge and broke 5 ribs! I am not on any meds for osteoporosis..Tried Forteo but had really bad side effects. In pain all the time from bones ans spasms. Getting pretty depressed. Used to be very active and now I sit at home alone most of the time. Most of the time I can't drive because of something being broken or in severe muscle spasm.. Any advice...

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Welcome. They do have all different medications for this condition they have pills or you can do shots. I would for one talk to your dr. about the other medications for this so that you don't get worse than you already are. Have you tried doing some stretching exercises for the muscle spasms?, it does really help to loosen you up. I use Turermic pills for the pain since it's natural. I am sorry that you are suffering. Sending healing hugs. xo

@Jennipain Thank you for your reply… up again last night…but did get a little sleep yesterday. Problem with meds is I am allergic to so many which means not many I can use.