Hi all. I have been struggling with Ed for 10 years. Been a

Hi all. I have been struggling with Ed for 10 years. Been a battle. The use it lose it saying drives me nuts. Viagra and all the pills work 5 % of the time waste of money. I have tried shock wave. Did nothing. I just bought a penis pump see if increase blood flow would help ? It's the one you use in the shower hydro something. I know there is a Viagra like cream I hear it works. Fingers crossed it will be sold soon in Canada. Can anyone comment on the cream ? Does it work. I'm 52 I have a vary supportive wife. But !!!!! Thanks for your comments in advance. Would love to have wood again :(

viagra or cialis never worked for my husband either. . . until someone told us to take it only on a completely empty stomach. no food for 3 hours before you take it. It didn't work at all for him before but on an empty stomach it works way better. worth a try. . .

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Thank you. I have done this. And yes it does work on and off. Have you found anything else that helps.

Smoking and drinking obviously interfere with how the meds work. dont know if that's an issue for you.

dont try to force it when you are not really in the mood and make sure she really wants to as well. your body produces pheromones when you actually want to and of the partners are not both feeling it, your bodies will know it.

flirting during the day helps a lot too, send a dirty text, whatever. foreplay before the foreplay. we just text "i miss you" we know that means we miss having sex...

dont eat anything too rich or heavy all day, that can sit around and interfere as well.

dont get frustrated. if it's just not working, take a break. lay in bed and watch TV for an hour while you snuggle naked and then try again. KNOW that there is no pressure. you can always give it another go. meds last for what 6 - 8 hours. you have time!!

Oral helps a lot. In both directions... you like it and so does she!!

How does he cum without an erection? My wife has tried to do this to me on days that I couldn't get hard.

Hands and mouth, same way as if you were hard. It will feel different but still good. Its better than nothing!

@EDWIFE79 I didn’t think it would work. It felt different cumming totally flaccid but still good. A lot of work though. It just moves around too much.

try having her do it with you on top. a sort of milking motion. less ... "travel" that way b/c gravity helps.

here's how:

you straddle one of her legs. i am guessing she is right handed so straddle her right leg in the place where she can grab you comfortably, stay on all fours on top of her. this gives her some room to move her arm.
you are face to face in this position so you can make out while she does it too... or you can suck on her breasts or look at her and say sexy stuff or whatever trips your trigger and hers.
if when you get close you unexpectedly get hard enough for intercourse, this position is quickly maneuverable for intercourse. no taking 30 seconds to change positions and losing it. in this position you can also cum where ever you are both comfortable with or what turns you on. slight shift up you can aim for breasts, stay where you are you will hit her leg or tummy and she can also lay on or next to a towel before you start and with a a slight shift you can miss her completely and hit the towel.

@EDWIFE79 That’s a great idea! I never thought of that. The motion is perfect keeps it straight without much bending. I like that it is quickly maneuverable in case I do get hard. I do soften up quite a bit changing positions.