Hi all, i have lived with my husband for 5 years now. These

Hi all, i have lived with my husband for 5 years now. These years were beautiful, sad and painful but yesterday, we finally thought that it was best for us and our 5 year old to part ways.
A part of me feels like there's no way i can do without him, but the other says that i can.

I know that there's people out there who have been in this dilemma, please advise me please!

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What's happening to the kid? You two should talk about trying to make it work for the kid's sake. What are the reasons for splitting?

@MiedoNoEsAmor thank you for reading my post.
See, our child acts like he doesn’t even see us fight-- if that makes any sense. He literally ignores us the entire time we are arguing. Having grown up with a single parent myself and seen my dad and mom fight and then divorce scarred me and i fear that the same is to happen to my child.

my husband and I tried talking to each other about not fighting but i feel like we are wasting time- its a loop. I personally think that marriage is about being submissive to your partner; i feel like this is something that we can’t give to each other.
My husband is 26years older than me, this also makes me wonder if we will work out.

its a long story!!

But again, thank you for reading.

hugs and support to you. It sounds as though you and your STBX are parting amicably? I would respectfully disagree that you should stick it out just for your child. Children have a way of picking up on hostility in a home, and if the both of you can give love, support peace, and co-parent effectively while not together rather than still together, that is for the two of you to figure out. You are the expert in your life, we are here to support you regardless of what you choose.

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thank you Aura. Very well said.

@chubbyface right, I agree, definitely. If you both are fighting all the time. I would try to make it work for a good while and if need be - it’s not working, then part ways. You, your ex, and your kid would be better off if it’s gonna be hostility all the time and you both don’t love eachother. In that case a lot can go wrong

sorry for your loss