Hi all. I just joined this group. I have an adult onset eg

Hi all. I just joined this group. I have an adult onset egg intolerance as of a few weeks ago and am trying to learn more about how to adjust but it's been difficult. It helps that I rarely eat out and try to cook healthy at home. My biggest issue so far is what to do when I eat something with egg on accident. The pain is incredible and lasts a minimum of 5 hours and nothing I've tried seems to ease it. Is that just the way it is or are there things you've found to lessen it? My goal is a complete removal of eggs from my diet to avoid the pain in the first place.

You might find overtime the intolerance either decreases or intensives, but I think the best course of action is to go egg free. Do you need some recipes?

Hi CKBlossom. The thing that would be most helpful is if anyone has any recommendations for what you can do when you've eaten an egg (or ingredient made from an egg) without realizing it. Things like Pepto do nothing. I've read conflicting reports that heat or cold on your abdomen help but neither seem to. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on that end or if you're just stuck waiting out the intense stomach pain.
As for recipes, if you have any favorites or favorite websites, sure, I'd love to hear some. Thankfully I'm handy in the kitchen and enjoy making healthy meals. It's mostly been when I'm somewhere else (like the inlaws) and I'm told something is egg free but then isn't lol. Like the granola last week. Hours of pain from 1 bite because egg white protein was an ingredient and I'd taken my family's word that it was egg free.