Hi all -- I'm here because I need support. I've never been

Hi all -- I'm here because I need support. I've never been diagnosed, I've never so much as told anyone except my mom, sisters, and husband, but it's very clear that I have it. I have patches of hair growing in to prove it. Anyway, I'm turning 30 this year and I've pulled my hair since I was about 13 years old. My one prayer is to just stop. Maybe the looming deadline of being 30 will be the motivation I need. Maybe, I will muster up the courage and see a therapist. Maybe I will go back to meditating and yoga. Maybe I will have a pull session that leaves me with bald spots. I don't know, but I'm just ready to take charge and not let trich take over me like it has for most of my life as a student. I hope this group helps :) And I'm happy to hear from y'all and get to know how I can support you! Best, Dee.

Hi, I felt the same way and all we can do is support ourselves. I tried everything from cutting my hair really short to wearing gloves all day long to remind myself not to pull. Therapy does help, please don't be embarrassed by seeking help. Talking to a professional helped me a lot, I was able to really expressed and discover the reasons why I pull my hair. Family is a support, but to be honest with you they can hurt you more, I am not saying to hid it from them forever, but be prepared for their response. For those who does not know what we are going through is weird you are not alone.

@ellaj42 Thank you! I know – in my graduate program, we talk about going to therapists regularly. It seems like its a requirement with all the BS we put up in academia hahah

And I know what you mean about family. Thanks. It’s good to know I’m not alone.