Hi all, I'm new here and if I've already posted the same as

Hi all, I'm new here and if I've already posted the same as what I'm about to, then I'm sorry to double up, but it's not showing up on my feed. Anyway, I am a woman nudging 50 and my partner is a wonderful man who is almost 60, and we have been together for about 20 months, not yet living together. The only problem with our relationship is that we cannot have penetrative sex at all because he had rectal cancer about 8 years ago and the surgery, combined with chemo and radiation has left too much damage for him to get hard at all. He can have an orgasm (sometimes) and I can have orgasms too because he is certainly very keen and passionate but gosh do I MISS having actual sex. He's tried Viagra, and that works to make him a little harder, but still not enough for penetration, plus it actually makes him feel sick for the next three days, which is no good. I certainly don't want him to feel sick. He also tried a penis pump which he said he couldn't get it to work at all. I've mentioned a couple of times the tri-mix needles to him but he is terribly afraid of needles (as am I too) and he says they are very expensive? Anyway, I just miss having sex and worry about how it may affect us, and my feelings toward him in the long run? I love this man, he is really a wonderful person, but gosh I miss having a hard-on in me. I know that's maybe TMI for some, but that's just the way it is. I never thought I would feel this way. Can anyone relate? Anyone surviving happily without actual sex? He's a great communicator too, by the way. I just miss having sex .......

Posting on this website seems to take a few minutes to show up for some reason. Viagra and Cialis make me feel crappy as well. Trimix is very affordable because it's made at a local compounding pharmacy. Caverject is very expensive and probably $100 a pop and made by BIG pharmaceutical company. 10ml of Trimix costs me $125 and is probably enough for more than 150 doses that give me an erection for 1 to 2 hours or longer depending on the amount I inject. Yes there is a little fear to overcome to stick yourself with a needle but it doesn't hurt more then a little pinch if it even hurts at all but the 18 year olds erection you get and all the fun you have having sex with a great erection capable of going multiple rounds more than make up for any fear or small pinch you may feel from the needle. The needle is super small and short... 31 gauge 5/16" long. There are a couple good clinical Trimix demonstration videos on urotalk.com/forums ED section under Injections and a really good PG video on how to use a pump for ED under the pumps section. Urotalk.com/forums even has a section there called "Support for Women who have partners with ED". Educate yourself as much as you can and talk to him about how important this is for you or maybe check out urotalk.com/forums together and post some questions if you have some.

Support me and I can maybe give you a cpl ideas as I’m in the same boat as your love

@Inchand2wrinkles I am not impressed with you using a dick pic. This is not a porn site, it’s a support site. So no, I do not wish to ‘support’ you. My concern, with you using a dick pic, is that your ‘couple of ideas’ that you wish to share, may be just as inappropriate as your pic. Thanks anyway.