Hi anyone here?

hi anyone here?

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R u ok

Hi and welcome We are all ears and ready to help feel free to talk whenever you like

Hi all! brand new here! thank u for responding:) How does this work?

Thank u:) and Happy holidays! bless u for being here!
I have PTSD, was raised in toxic Narcissistic/ BPD family.. have had all Narc relationships.. last one was both BPD/NPD.. broke it off 3 mos ago.. just moved back to home town.. feeling sad, hopeless and tired .. :(

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You have come to the right place to talk about narcs. There are many of us here who have ex narcs. BPD as a kicker must have been a real wild ride!! Welcome

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@ColaWars thank u!

oh yes! a lifetime of reading every layman's book out there I think, and just about every clinical one too. I'm a nurse.. co dependent.. too..
no matter how much I know.. I get sucked again. This was last one was only 6 mos. till The mask fell off.. I'm sad .. because it's so ingrained in me, I doubt myself in ever finding " real love " and intimacy..

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I'm single childless.. with a sweet little dog I love so much!
We were talking ABt me moving in.. but I caught him cheating, lying etc doing the " narc thing ya know.. just what they do". This one was harder though because he did have a conscious .. and tried .. he was the better of any b4 to date. His BPD rage got to be too much, and ignited my PTSD.. ( verbal and emo. abuse) I had to end it. I miss his " good side" and friendship.. when not acting out. Like most here.. probably.... it was great or horrible!

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@MissNaples Yeah, we all know about the narc thing. The BPD rage must have been horrible to deal with as well, considering your backround. We all miss the “good side”. The normal, fun laughing having a great time guy. I hate to tell you this, but that was all an act. That’s what narcs do best. Fake the happy, normal times. I can tell you most likely with any and all narcs, they are always acting, trying to blend in as best as possible. And they do it VERY WELL. Make you think that things are your fault, when really it was him. They are a horrible beast, all the way around!!

yes... I do understand .. my Mom is one... and she does have moments of spontaneous " normality" it just doesn't last if she isn't the center of attention.
I want to repel them !! Somehow I get fooled over and over..
I'm being narcissistic myself .. feeling down I'm aware of..
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day..
Thank you for your reply..

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@MissNaples I hope you have a great New Year that can be filled with love and joy. Even if the love is only for your doggie!!