Hi, call me M okay? Im 13 and has been unconsciously dealingHi, call me M okay? Im 13 and has been unconsciously

Hi, call me M okay? Im 13 and has been unconsciously dealing with trich for 3 years. Ive starting dealing with it for about a month now with therapy. im a pretty private person as is and i dont open up to my mom about it. we are really close and it is tearing her apart. im not really good at expressing my emotions. I do eat the hair i pull, which has led to medical problems. I was taking anti-depressants for about a month before therapy but i have a strong disbelief that i need it therefore i refuse to take it. im a person that likes to deal with things on my own. Need anyone to talk to im here.

M, I'm private also. Still private at 62. Worked all my life, own my own home, live alone because I value my privacy. Also, because I feel safe only when I'm alone. Have kids and grandkids but not in my home. Still pull my hair. My mother is still alive and a large part of my hair pulling. My father is the cause. I started pulling so he would find me less attractive. It didn't work. He still molested me. My mother still enabled him. So I can understand why you can't open up to your mom. Whoever's molesting you needs to be prosecuted. In my day it wasn't done. Today it is. Be brave and do it. Save another girl from harm, please. If you need my help, I'm here for you.

@thunderofsilence im a trich because of stress. i have never been molested. im sorry for what has happen to you and i really hope you will soon be emotionally and physically better

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