Hi don't confuse problems and misery... problems are real b

don't confuse problems and misery... problems are real but how I respond to it decides if I am positive or miserable.you can choose to be positive as a response or negative ...misery is self created just like happiness is. sometimes nothing affects you....

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Misery, happiness. They're emotions. And we don't choose them. IF someone jumped out at you with a knife, would you just choose happiness? Emotions are what they are and they're there to be experienced. TO be felt. I look at the fun emotions: happiness, peace, joy, excitement, curiosity, elation, etc.. as the whipped cream of emotions - just there to be enjoyed and savoured. Difficult emotions: fear, envy, sorrow, worry, anguish, guilt etc... are there to HELP us and they can't help us if everytime they crop up we run screaming from them. They're like road signs telling us that something isn't working. We need to do something. Fear --- we need to get back to a place of safety, whether it's physical or emotional. Sorrow - we need to just feel that. Maybe find support and sorrow together. Anger - need to pen that one up and deal alone with it because taking that out on others is not okay. Need to work your way to the bottom of that one. My brother recently quit drinking - his anger was a HUGE issue which is now finally dealing with. He used anger as a way of avoiding anything that was remotely emotional -- I"m thinking but he'll figure it out now that he's actually dealing with it. My point is, FEEL your FEELINGS - that's why we have them. Another way to see it is expressed best by something my dad always said, about how he liked getting hit in the head with a hammer -- becuase it feels so good when you stop. Ha ha. But true, you'll enjoy the good times even more after being through the tough times. Main thing is - don't be hard on yourself. Be kind and gentle and patient with yourself and know that all feelings are natural and normal. Hope that helps

With feelings -- again, you don't "choose" them. You just feel them. You gotta face it to fix it. We have feelings for a reason. Like - you burn yourself, that tells you to wear an oven mit to take cookies out of the oven! Emotional pain - tells you that you need to do something differently in your life. A guy I dated had me feeling like I didn't matter --- all the time. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be happy when you're with someone you care about and they care about you. I finally listened to my feelings and ended it. Bad feelings help guide us along the road in life. I look at them like they're warning signs -- slow down, curves ahead. Right now, life just sucks and there are a bunch of things I just have to get through. 2015 was awful. I hope that 2016 will be about finding my way back somehow and creating a better life for myself. Somehow.