Hi every one,I am new here I wanted to be in a support gro

Hi every one,I am new here
I wanted to be in a support group so I can share my problem and finaly try to live a happy life.
I am so dynamic and so much radiant but sometime out of the blues I become so sad and lonely,feeling so sory for my self and I become angy afraid hopless for no reason ,
and whenever a small thing happen I become so anxious,and start to try to change the past
Maybe because as a kid I ALWAYS tried to be the nice the guy ,and people were always abusing me because I was powerless and **** my relative and familly they so much bad influence on me;I have sexual anxiety fear of public speaking ,fear of a relationhip,can't leave up to my potential...
**** you people
although i decided to bury the hatchet and since then I have been living a wonderful life,but like I said out of nowhere I become so weak.
Feel free to give a comment or any sort of advice

Welcome lucky, I'm sorry your going through these emotions. Do you have one family member that you are close to?

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yep my sister my brother my mom but I just don't feel like talking to them about my problem because they won't undertand and they might make me the villain

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