Hi every one, I am new to these groups & I will be pleased t

Hi every one, I am new to these groups & I will be pleased to write to any one.I am feeling a bit frustrated with my Psoriasis as the itchiness is driving me nuts.I have scratched my scalp until it bleeds, then i get mas at myself for doing this.My hair has been pulled out with the scratching & now i have bald patches.Gee, please help.!!!!

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Have you talked to your dr. they have new medication out for this. I know when my mom was younger she used Tar and light therapy treatment. I know that going to a tanning salon or laying in the sun helps so much. As for your head I know you can put castor oil in it at night with a shower cap and it helps with the itching. Hang in there and let us know what you have used for it already.

@Jennipain Hi, yes i spoke to my doctor & he said he doesn’t know whats over my head!!! I was stunned although he can be a bit dippy at times.lol Plus i may not have explained myself well. Ps is all so new to me, & so i want to learn as much as i can.I have tried using Oils on my head & yes they work but only until it’s washed out & dried, then the itch begins once more.I am seeing my doctor next week & will attempt to tell him exactly what’s going on.I do thank you for replying jennipain.Hope your day has been a pretty good one.:slight_smile: