Hi everybody, My name is Jocelyn and I was sexually abuse w

Hi everybody,
My name is Jocelyn and I was sexually abuse when I was 14 years old. As a result I got hep c, after 7 years of having it I went for my second treatment. I trusted God and I ask him to heal me and I got baptize in a christian church. My doctor called me and told me that I was cured and I actually got cure in the same week I was baptize. My point is.. keep going and don't give up! but in the process trust God with all your heart, he is the only one that can heal you! I can prove it because I'am hep c negative. God bless you all!!

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@jocelyn0520 Thank you for sharing your experience and congratulations on being virus free.. You are an example of
" never give up". With faith, courage and persisstance, you can conquer.

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Thank you very much @searay!
God gives me streght every single day to continue...

@jocelyn0520 You are welcome.Don’t be a stranger, you know where to find us…

My daughter just got her blood test back and was told she had this from the man she met and got her into shooting up meth.she don't blame him but herself for not being strong enough to say no.this is how she got it .she is now 13 was pregnant with his baby boy and he went to jail for back children support and was already on parole.he will get anywhere from 5-10 we think.can she breath feed when the baby is born?