Hi everyone. Found out I'm stage 3 b. Nlphl. Starting r-chop

Hi everyone. Found out I'm stage 3 b. Nlphl. Starting r-chop in 2 wks. Anyone had that chemo?

I have had that chemo. It hits the cancer areas very fast. After my 1st dose my swollen nodes were 1/2 the size. Everyone is different when it comes to chemo and how it affects them but there are some side effects of getting the treatment right away. They will give you anti-nausea meds. they stop the nausea from starting so take them before you are really sick. Stock up on bland foods like yogurt, pudding, soups, crackers, starlite mints (they cover any bad tastes you get in your mouth), and help settle your stomach. Attitude will really help, being positive and trying to be upbeat will help you to feel better. Remember there is no reason to suffer these days, talk to the nurse, let them know how you really feel so they can help you out. Of course we are all here to support you so feel free to vent, yell, cry, laugh, we have all been there and fully understand some of how you feel. Keep coming back and talking it will help to talk to others. Good luck and Welcome to our group!!

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Thank you sooo much! That really helps me out. Are you done with your chemo? Cancer free? Did you have non Hodgkins?

@Mabakhrts50 I have/had non-Hodgkins and just completed my 6th round of RCHOP. Rascal1 pretty much covered it but I would like to add that I found exercise really helped. After the 3rd or 4th round you won’t feel like it but I found that even slow walking helped. When food had no taste, or a bad taste, I had a chocolate shake which tasted OK for some reason. Hang in there.

I know everyone reacts diff to chemo but what were the most diff ones for you? Rascal I'm so happy for you! Do you have nerve damage I. Your hands n feet?

@Mabakhrts50 Yes I have neuropathy not so bad in hands. How it feels is different for everyone. My neuropathy is not like the diabetic neuropathy, it messes with my balance, I have pain in them infrequently and they get really cold fast. I have adapted to all of that easily. As far as the chemo you really can’t pick out just 1 because they give you 1 dose after the other. The combination that was the worst was R-CHOP. With all of this attitude is everything!

When you got the r-chop did you have any reactions while you were getting it or between treatments? That's what I'm getting ill get the r the day after chemo. Did you get it that way? Did you get bone pain from it?

@Mabakhrts50 The only side effect I got from the rituxan was to feel a bit short of breath. I got mine first before all the drugs. I take a shot the next 2 days after the chemo and that is what gives the bone pain. Claritin helps most with the pain. Ask your mD first. I had tiredness and nausea between treatments and they gave me medications to help that.