Hi everyone hope all is well... it's been a little while sin

Hi everyone hope all is well... it's been a little while since I've been here in group support ive been working alot... I'm a Pediatric Nurse and that is no joke... lol well these Last couple of mths have been pretty ok not super super great but for the most part it's been good... some ups and some downs... as expected in any marriage... we have our good day's and our bad day's but i would say more good then bad so that's something to be proud of... we have been married for 21yrs... we have 4 beautiful children together 1 girl and 3 boy's... coming up this September 2019 it will be 4yrs since my husband's affair... 4yrs now thats deep... yep my life... 4yrs ago my husband confessed to me that he had a affair... completely in shock although my womens intuition i could feel that my husband had met someone else i could feel that something was not right... being married to someone for so long you know them well at least you thought you knew them lol... Now 3 almost 4yrs ago when he cheated on me we were married 17yrs at the time... you hear me 17yrs now thats along time my husband my partner my rock my best friend my soulmate... cheated on me and i just couldn't believe it i thought i was stuck in a nightmare... my husband was standing in front of me crying and shaking telling me he messed up he screwed up he committed adultery he betrayed me he broke our values he had a 1 month affair and i guess the guilt was tearing him up as it should... he said he finally came to his senses and immediately broke it off with the chick... now after making him give me her number... just to make me feel better... i don't know this loser female but i just had to curse her out and i mean really let her have it NY style... lol... im sorry everyone this is so long but i really needed to vent alittle... NOW I give my husband alittle tiny bit of props... for having the balls to look me in my eyes and confess/ come clean... i was so hurt so betrayed so sad so confused so lost so alone... the emotions that i was experiencing was almost unbearable... i i needed to get away i packed up my 4 kids and we left daddy... we left daddy for 8mth...

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that. It's not easy. There's a couple of things about your post that stuck with me, besides your anger, 4 years later. First, it would be great if you used punctuation in your posts. The second is that you call the chick a loser. I understand that you're not fond of her, however it took 2 to make it happen.

It sounds like your husband is trying really hard to make things work between the two of you. Constantly bringing up the past is not going to help, especially if you have given him your forgiveness. There are great therapists who can help you work through your pain and hurt. I'm not going to say that it's going to be easy. However, for peace of mind, it's worth it. I wish you luck on your journey.

@Justwanttobeloved first of all i dont have to use punctuation in my post im not writing a book im venting my feelings second im not filled with anger 4yrs later why Dont u read my post again maybe slower and then u will get it. I said 4yrs later and some memories stlll come up that’s normal im not filled with anger and we did therapy thats how we are doing so amazing i said we just made 21yrs married together. And yes i did call her a loser female because she is and duh i think everyone knows it takes two to tangle so its both there faults