Hi, everyone. I actually joined this support group while I w

Hi, everyone. I actually joined this support group while I was going through my divorce several years ago. I didn't really post much. Well, I since remarried and was very happy (or so I thought) with the love of my life. I found out the Sunday before Thanksgiving that he'd been cheating on me with his old, high school girlfriend for about 3 weeks. To say I was/am devastated is an understatement. I'm absolutely destroyed. After he told me he'd broken it off with her, I got a text while I was at work at 2am from his phone, from HER. It was pretty shocking and graphic and I had a breakdown at work. Just a week after finding out about it, he moved in with her, told me they are in love.... this all came as a total shock to me. I mean, literally the morning of the day I found out about them he was cooking me breakfast and telling me how much he loved me. I'm so heartbroken and I honestly feel like I'm losing it. I can't stop thinking about the betrayal, and thinking about him & her together. Even now, I just got home from work 30 minutes ago and I'm riddled with thoughts of them together this morning; waking up together, having breakfast together (we went out for breakfast together every Sunday morning as a tradition), being intimate....I really can't stand it. I don't know what else to say.

People are so ******. I am so sorry this happened to you. To treated in such a way is horrible. Have you considered going to a therapist? It will be helpful to talk to someone who can help you process everything and eventually move on. Those disgusting people belong together.

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Can't, really. He'd taken a lot from me over the years; alienated my friends, lost my driver's license because he failed to tell me he'd canceled my car insurance, so I got pulled over and ended up with a $500 ticket I couldn't pay, license got suspended. I walk 2 miles one way to work every night. No way I'd have transportation to see a therapist and no way I can afford one. Thank you for your kind words, though :)

@AndiAqua I know exactly how you feel. Counseling isn’t something affordable for everyone. There is a ton of articles and things you can read online that will help you along the way. Just remember that it will take time but one day you will be emotionally better. Hugs.

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