Hi everyone I am 39 yrs old woman and I am new to the group,

Hi everyone I am 39 yrs old woman and I am new to the group, I have always known that I am attracted to women but did really give it a name. Quite frankly, I still don't wish to give it a name I just love who I love. However, I find I connect more with women than with men. Only my sister and one other person know about my sexuality as I don't see the need to tell anyone else at the moment. I finally feel content in accepting myself but God knows I have other issues to overcome. I am also living with herpes and have just begun truly learning and accepting the hand I have been dealt. I was recently in a relationship with an amazing woman who loved and accepted me at least she tried to. However, there were so many limitations and at times intimacy made me feel dirty and inadequate, she tried to reassure but I couldn't shake the feeling. I guess that's the biggest challenge for me in dealing with the limitations that comes with this virus. I look forward to getting the support I need here as well as being a support to others. blessings :)

as you continue to awaken, adjust, and accept, you will begin to see things in a different light!
it does take time! becoming comfortable with your sexual orientation is hard enough, and to add HSV into the mix is quite trying.

the only limitation(s) are what YOU impose on YOURSELF. your partner was a winning ticket!! she loved you, accepted you, and reassured you. THAT alone proved her depth and value! many here would die to be in your position!

reconsider and don't throw away that winning lotto tix!! she is a rare gem and so hard to find! DON'T LOSE HER!

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@a_survivor thank you so much I know your right I tell myself that all the time but in the moment its a different feeling, but I am working ti get pass it.

Islandgirl I don't know your limitations but life is short. Very short. If you have someone that cares about you AND they accept you, don't let them go. Hold on tight to them. I recently was diagnosed with HSV. I felt tainted and dirty. I get that. I'm not perfect but we live on. We find a way. I'm alone. All alone. If you have someone that cares and you care about them...your not being fair to yourself or them. Love doesn't come along everyday. Don't throw that away. Take it from me. You will wake up lonely and sad. HSV doesn't make us dirty, it makes us human.

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@Sadbeyond Thank you so much I agree completely. Most if my issues are in my head. Working on it, been here is aprt if that journey. Yiurs words helped alot. Bless u

Glad I could help. I'm alone and trying to move forward in my life. One day at a time right? You are blessed. Grab that girl and live for the rest of us!

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@islandgirl876 Welcome to the group. I hope you can see that having HSV is more like a bad case of acne than the end of life as we know it that it may appear to be. Yes HSV changes things but I believe that Love truly overcomes all things. Good luck on your journey.

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Thx you :)

@islandgirl876 You are welcome, things will get better and hopefully you will be smiling a lot soon!