Hi Everyone, I am 65 and have binged on sugar all my life. Hi Everyone, I am 65 and have binged on sugar all my life

Hi Everyone, I am 65 and have binged on sugar all my life. I am really trying to give up sugar before it finishes me off completely. Have been 11 days sugar free, which is a real achievement for me. I am trying hour by hour!

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Ah well done Zumba queen im 55 just had a period where I had to give up sugar the rwal struggles finishes after a few days and Fruit and Veggies Taste So much Better. Annette

@annette345 Hi Annette
You are so right, food really tastes wonderful now. Are you feeling good now you have become sugar free?

Zumbaqueen, awesome achievement! I have yet to be able to stop cold turkey, especially with kids in the house, and a husband who will resent it if I take things out of the house that are sweet :-( You are a great model for us! Keep it up:-)

Hi Catleya
It must be really difficult for you with sugar in the house. I am lucky my husband has to watch his sugar, he only has 2 squares of chocolate a day (how on earth can anyone just eat 2 squares of chocolate?) he has his own high up cupboard so I cannot reach it! What could work for you is if you get your children on board to make sure you do not eat anything with sugar in it. There is nothing like children to watch your every move and they will delight in having to be the sugar police and keeping Mum on track. Good luck. Thank you very much for your support. I have lost the 'mad' cravings at the moment so it is getting a lot easier and I feel 'amazing' again.

@Zumbaqueen Hello, I am 62 and a lifelong sugar addict. Beginning cold turkey tomorrow. Will eat fruit until what I have is gone. But I’ve learned the hard way even fruit is too much. I may stay with carrot juice and berries for health reasons, but that will be it.

Hi Rondimi, I am so glad you have made the very tough decision to go Cold Turkey. You are so right about fruit, I have to limit myself to apples, blueberries and strawberries, plus a banana every third day. Otherwise the fructose tends to spike the system and lead me into the bingeing syndrome!
Make sure you eat lots of protein with each meal and eat regularly this will keep you strong to get through the bad cravings ahead. My best trick is not to think, the minute a food related thought creeps in I blank my mind even chanting 'I am thinking nothing' sounds mad but it works for me. Good luck I will be thinking of you. Let me know how you get on.
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@Zumbaqueen Thank-you for your support. Entering my first day of abstinence. Will continue to post progress.

Hi Rondimi
You are doing good girl, keep up the good work. If it gets bad, go for a bracing walk, works wonders.
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Actually, I'm a guy, but your point is well-taken!

Oh so so sorry, a million apologies, my worst fault is I assume things. So go man go! Let me know how you go.
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@Zumbaqueen Lol. No prob. Will continue to post.