Hi everyone I am checking in had a rough three or four that

Hi everyone I am checking in had a rough three or four that were bad it seems to me when ever i get a crush or some girl i want to date my voices of my father in a male voices come in my head and tell me I'm not good enough for the girl or crush my newest crush i to the courage to ask her out for coffee she said sure but when i ask her if we were still on she nicely told me a no she couldn't and made a excuse and i was sad cuz. I really liked her but anyway my voice told you see your not loved you need to give up and go back to Guatemala and then there you can do a suicide attempt of shooting yourself in the head with a gun and die i remember my additive behavior so i was all for it to leave next year and commit suicide but i ask my best friend if i should move on he said yes the a asked my other friend a girl what i should do she said move on to so i had my plan to die and i was thinking to myself and then i remembered it my home I am a alcoholic and did drugs to it was the devil trying to make me go to easy back to my additive behavior but i said it my home I want to live and god talked to he said my son don't end your life tame that trip and enjoy all the friends you have and just be friends with girls and don't worry about life you sober well that what i wanted talk about i happy safe and goodnight everyone

I’m so glad to hear of this and you listen to Gods word. Thes voices in your head that talk bad to you are the devil or demon what ever you call it. Don’t listen to them. Push it away and remember how important it is for you to be here. God created us. He has a plan for us. Go with life. Don’t force things. Let them happen as they should. If god wants you to have a relationship. It will happen. I may even be ten years from now. We don’t know. God bless.

@Tropicalstorm Same here.