Hi everyone. I am looking for any and all advice I can get

Hi everyone. I am looking for any and all advice I can get for how to handle jealousy. I am hyper jealous in my relationships and I want to learn how to handle it better so I can be a better partner. I am so overpowered by the emotion that I'm scared to go out in public with my S.O. for fear that there will be attractive women wherever we're going. My (now ex) has a neighbor that is out age and conventionally attractive and I couldn't get over the jealousy I felt that he might be attracted to her and sees her basically every day. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Traffic_Report During and after my breakup with my ex narcissist husband, I read a lot of self help books. They taught me a lot. Two things come to mind. The first is do you think you have low self esteem? I'm not a jealous person but when some other woman would try to get close to my ex, I would feel jealous. I think some of this is normal in a romantic relationship. But if you think you have an extreme problem, my suggestion would be to work on your self esteem. Usually jealous people have low self esteem. Second. There are four attachment styles. The best one to have is a secure style. It sounds like you may have an anxious attachment style which is an insecure style. These styles determine how you behave in a relationship whether you're clingy or jealous or constantly worried about what the other person is doing. You can work on changing your style which will make you more confident and comfortable with your partner or person you are dating.

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@mmadlecl I 100% have low self esteem. Trying to work on that a bit by taking better care of myself physically and doing things I’ve fallen out of habit with like reading. I’ve heard a bit about attachment styles but don’t know too much about them, it would be a good thing to learn more about. Thank you!