Hi everyone, I am new to this group, and I am a shopping add

Hi everyone, I am new to this group, and I am a shopping addict. I'm in my 30's and I have struggled since my late 20's with shopping addiction related to low self-esteem and depression. My shopping addiction started after I was blindsided by a breakup when I was 26. I shopped to mend a broken heart because he broke up with me without any explanation and I thought buying the perfect blouse, designer handbag, lipstick or hair products to look and feel my absolute best would cheer me up- it did for a short while, but the "highs" I used to get from shopping don't last as long as they used to, and the purchases became more frequent overtime. I'm long over that breakup, but the shopping addiction it caused as a coping mechanism still remains. I recently bought an expense tracker journal and I'll start writing down every single purchase I make from now on and I'll give myself a monthly allowance. I'm going to get back into my hobbies of painting, baking desserts for friends and family and exercising as healthy ways to build confidence and happiness without having to shop as much. I want to get better and better starts today by admitting to all of you that I am struggling with shopping addiction. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Welcome to Support Groups, we are glad you are here.

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@godlovesus Thank you very much for your reply