Hi everyone. I got herpes when I was 21. I thought my life w

Hi everyone. I got herpes when I was 21. I thought my life was over and that there was no hope for me. I met a really amazing guy at work and we started seeing each other. I spoke to my therapist about disclosing to him, I was terrified. But she assured me that while I can't control his response, it's the responsible thing to do. Last night I spent the night at his place, and I told him. I was terrified, but he immediately cut me off and started kissing me. He said there is no virus that can come in between us, and it's not a big deal. He jokingly said "we're not in the dark ages." Then the next morning, he performed oral sex on me. I feel so respected and connected to him and i'm glad I told the truth so I can sleep knowing I disclosed before we had sex. I wanted to die and i'm so glad I lived to experience his acceptance.

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it was all the more enjoyable because your conscience was clear and the rest was "His Call"...
btw, i will delete your duplicate posts...

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@a_survivor thank you!

That’s truly amazing to find someone who accepts you and all your flaws !!! Wish you all the best

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Soooo awesome. Thnks for Sharingggg

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i’m so glad that it worked out for you that way. we need more success stories on here about these things to give us all hope that dating isn’t over for us.

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don’t hold your breath too much! once people achieve the next level, they vanish from here never to return.

i try to tell them to drop in and share every once in a while to help those who are new and suffering. and never to forget where they came from!!! … but do they? Uh NOPE!

the reminder is too much and they continue on their journey. your best bet is to notice the number in the 's. most are very low because they haven’t been here long or have not posted much…

eventually you too will be gone, never to return…

I'm still here lurking lol

when you achieve that level, you too will leave the temple! LOL!
how do you like the FB group?

I still have my 'why me, it isn't fair' days but nothing I can do about it now except managing it the best I can. Also understanding life doesn't have to stop either.

It has been over a year of "why me" and even when I detach myself from the scenario and try not to take things personally, I still feel the despair. I am starting to worry about my mental well-being because who knows how long a person can suffer from self-loathing before it eats them alive. In other words, my biggest problem was the diagnosis until the bigger problem of my mentality took over. Now, even if I were to cross paths with the man who would accept me despite the HSV, we would never speak because of my unwillingness to talk about it. I tried that once and the guy told me that he would finger me wearing rubber gloves. At that point, I knew my love life was officially over. And now, every potential conversation seems like the beginning of that awful conversation when a nice guy I thought I liked said something ignorant and hurtful. I'm sorry to go off on a tangent. I am completely lost on how to appropriately communicate about this matter. I am only being honest but I digress - I only meant to relate to your sentiment and I went off the deep end. Again, I apologize.

@deathplzcome no need to apologise, you’ve made the 1st step by communicating here. We’re all here to listen, going through the same on different levels, each of us with a story of our own. I was diagnosed mid August after a rough romp with the guy I was seeing casually for months and as time goes on & I learn more i swear he gave me this, he says it’s not him, ignored me, treated me bad implying everything is on me. I also have mixed connective tissue disease which I believe if I had H I’d probably known by now only cause im still going through my 1st OB since 15th Aug and the way my body has reacted.
I finally got a reply from him last week after I blasted him (I feel better doing that) that he doesn’t think he could sleep with me knowing he could get herpes. Stupid me thought he would be the only one who’d want me, nope. We are our worst enemy and I make myself sick just questioning the why, how. If you need to just get your thoughts out I’m here.

This is so inspiring thank you

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@Leo100 my pleasure! Life isn’t over. Many opportunities and happy moments are around the corner.