Hi everyone! I hope you guys are keeping well. Here are a fe

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are keeping well. Here are a few updates from my side.
I was able to raise 12k and counting! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to reach even 10k. I'm glad that I was able to raise this money and I hope that the people who receive this money are able to go on with their lives and find the happiness that they are meant to find.
I'm on a social media break and it feels good. I didn't realize just how much of my insecurities and anxiety were being amplified because of it. I was also able to complete some of my assignments instead of wasting my time on Instagram.
I got vaccinated yesterday and I am so glad I got it over with. Apart from the soreness in my arm, i feel healthy and good.
I had an interview yesterday to be a part of this organization called GirlUp Rooh. And i think it went well? I don't know. I hope I get selected and even if i don't , i'll just have to find a way to get over it.
AND I am proud of myself for not trying to do everything by myself in this group asssignment because I always have this need for everything to look prim and proper and done my way. but i trusted my group members and i have a lighter workload so it's a win-win.
Speaking of assignments, I have 3 home assignments, two 1-hour long presentations and a 45- minutes presentation to prepare. So wish me luck. I hope that you're all safe and happy and doing good. and even if you're not, i hope that you find it soon.

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It sounds like you are rocking through life right now!  Time to celebrate the wins!

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@CKBlossom Thank you!!