Hi everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe and doing well

hi everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe and doing well.
Haven't been here for a long time now. For the most of it, everything seems to be going well.
trying not to let things affect me and just trying to be okay. Not much fights at home, so that's good, i think. I kept feeling like this is too calm, makes me feel like I'm looking for the drama. Anyways, just heard that my brother is thinking of dropping out of college to pursue something else, which is good and I wouldn't want him to be stuck doing something he doesn't want to anyways. But the thing is-
He's coming home next week and he's going to have a conversation with my parents about it and I already feel so scared. My parents never forced us to study something specific or pursue a particularprofession so I'm sure that they would be supportive of what my brother wants. but you know they maybe wouldn't understand it right away. also because my brother is not the best with money. While he was in college, he would ask a lot of money frequently. even asking me and my sisters. never paying us back. Dad at least hoped that he's actually studying or something but i don't know.
Anyways i told myself i wouldn't worry about it now. when it happens, it'll happen. worrying now is just putting myself through it twice.Hopefully things go well between them and I just hope my college reopens and i can leave soon.
and if anything does happen, I'll come right here. take care guys.

Good luck, hope all goes well. *waiting for the other shoe to drop* is not a good feeling. It is not that we *look* for drama, but perhaps we fear it? Your brothers return home could be a *trigger*, reminder of some past trauma. Try to stay grounded in the present with healthy activities.

@andine thank you for your kind words. I hope all of these passes soon.