Hi everyone, I’m new to the group. I think I just experien

Hi everyone, I’m new to the group. I think I just experienced my first OB two weeks ago. I went on Friday to get take the blood test to see if I tested positive. I’m freaking out and extremely nervous.
How did you cope with waiting for the test results?
My symptoms lasted about 4-6weeks. I’m lost and not sure what to do.

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i highly suggest while waiting to download and study the "FREE HANDBOOK" we have pinned at the top! knowledge is power and power is confidence!!

in case you can't see the link, here it is:

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@a_survivor thank you! I’m lost right now. This will help. Ty

I just got my results… I tested positive for hsv-1.

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you don’t say if your type1 is Oral or Genital. either way, it’s the lesser of the the two types.
follow the protocol of having HSV and you’ll be fine.

always Proceed With Caution and Common Sense.

@Joejoe38 Welcome to the group. There are lots of us with HSV here who have been through much of what you are going through. Please know that you are not alone in this journey and that HSV has a very bad stigma and hype but is rarely anywhere near as bad as the hype. With a few changes and meds it is more like a case of bad intimate acne than the end of life as we know it that the hype suggests. You are just starting a journey to healing and I hope that those of us on here who are further along in the journey can help you in your journey. If it helps any I am dealing with an outbreak but still did a 5 mile hike and enjoyed my weekend. You can adjust and get back to living and enjoying life too. Good luck on your journey!

@JayRob40 thanks jay! I worried about being in intimate with someone now that I have Hsv. I know it will pass but it’s tough for me.

What should be my next steps now that test positive for hsv-1?

as a General Rule you will go through phases.
you can see them here:

for the most part, you’ll need to learn to *Accept the fact that you have it and shall successfully live a new life. not better, NOT WORSE, just different.

once that happens, you will move up the ladder…

personally, “I” am at Phase 4.