Hi everyone, i need some support and knowledge from u guys

hi everyone, i need some support and knowledge from u guys.

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Hugs and welcome! How can we help?

I have a question, can shingles trigger an HSV outbreak?

HI and thank you for being there. am i in the right site for help with my anxiety . i have had open heart surgery , i have had shingles 6 months later and some family issues...i suffer from high anxiety....can i get some support here?

@strawberries you are in the shingles group. You can post to multiple groups when posting. I’ve not had shingles but understand anxiety. I found I’m watching too much news.

oh more for anxiety and things in that line.. thanks for answering me.

Thanks Betty...going to the hairdresser today...will let u know how i make out...just going for highlites...that will make me feel better...i appreciate your thoughts.

@strawberries YW, hope it went well.

gosh posted twice ,,,password problem ,,,,hi Betty,,,was ok...hairdresser talks a mile a minute...it seems long but somehow it was ok.