Hi everyone. I need some support on my situation which is cu

Hi everyone. I need some support on my situation which is currently upsetting me. I am being stalked by what I suspect is a malignant narcissist. I am finding it too much now and in fact today I tried to lose them and ended up nearly falling back and cracking my skull in half. In the process i ripped my trousers where my private regions are and it ended quite badly but thankfully I am fine. This happens every single day. I feel like i am under a microscope and i have a lot of challenges i am dealing with in my life and could do with getting this guy off my back. Like i said it nearly ended quite badly. I also got lost which was not ideal and am head to toe in sweat due to how uncomfortable i am. I have a lot of personal private problems i am dealing with not to mention that i feel this guy is wanting to take advantage or worse is enjoying me as some form of entertaintment or fun. I can assure you there is a hidden agenda. In fact i think he is having a lot of fun. I am not. It makes it really hard to leave the house. It is really effecting me psychologically. I feel like the person in question has there own issues they are deflecting onto me and please note they also have a partner which is sad. I have assessed the individual and family and there are quite a few of them crammed in a v tiny home. Not sure why this is happening other than i want it to stop. They are extremely poor communicators from what i can see. please any advice. thanks. I have too much to deal with now and fear this will push me over the edge. i am an incredibly private person and my whole private life has been violated and every boundary under the sun has been broken. Please note the individual is extremely extremely private but seems to think he can exploit others privacy this way. I will be honest this is the worst form of abuse anyone can do to me when i already have so much going on in my private life. my privacy means everything to me. x

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Sorry you are feeling this way in your own home space. Can you get one of those 'ring' doorbell camera devices?

@bebobaBetty it is taking place everywhere I go…literally i am under a microscope. He has followed both me and my family every single place I ever go to which is horrible and soul destroying. I am trying to figure out whats going on. My hunch is lol he thinks ( naively) that there is financial gain ( there isn’t) or some form of exploitation to better his own life or his family…They are eastern european. They all seem to have jobs but i get the vibe desperately trying to change their lives and will do absolutely anything…well like every one of us…who isn’t trying to change their life? have seen him and it is written all over his face…the dollar signs…unfortunately people can get the wrong idea an don’t always know people situations. I don’t think the individual is thinking clearly…I do very strongly believe he has a long term goal for both him and his family which sadly won’t work out as i wont be in the picture…not only is he wasting his time…i am finding it incredibly upsetting…i myself am not naive and have dealt with people who are obessed in the past but never to this level where i got treated so badly as well…i don’t have a good feeling but have notified people and really if you have any further advice please let me know. It is very detrimental to the well being of the individual and i know i am being exploited and can see the long term plan…it is very upsetting…plus i do not have the time and am focused on my own life…i have seen every story in the book of what people will do to destroy lives and am well informed on what men will do and woman for that matter to make their own life better at the expense of another person. Nothing shocks me anymore. However how do i get him to stop? I have considered the police but was advised to only do so in emergency situation. The problem i have is every time he follows me i know what his plan is and it’s not good. I am also struggling to think clearly and it is taking all my time which is sad!Thank you kindly x

Depending on where you live, there may be organizations that support emotionally abused and stalked women. Sometimes the police are not the most helpful in these types of situations.

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@andine problem is i told a few people and some wouldn’t believe me…i am in an extremely vulnerable place in my life. Just need it to stop…Have serious life problems i am dealing with…and financial challenges too x

Friends and family are not equipped or trained to help. Have you contacted local abuse agency and abuse hotlines? They are trained to believe you. 24/7 anonymous access. Hotlines are listed on this site.

@andine I have read stories online of people x’s doing it and it ending up badly for them when they reached out for help…so people get put off…i am just being honest…can you see my point? it can backfire and the stalker knows this x

Can you video tape him on your phone for evidence when he’s around? How about just traveling with someone you know as much as possible to keep safe n then hopefully someone else can notice him? Have you tried talking to his family? Did you guys have affair? Do you know what he’s doing all that for? He could very well be insane n do everything you can to keep safe. Cameras n extra security is good idea so at least you can sleep little more peacefully. Have you thought of maybe just moving? You don’t have to tell anyone your moving. Also if he was texting or calling you before there’s trackers n maleware people can put on peoples phone now. You can turn your phone off n see if he’s still able to find you. Sometimes people install actual physical trackers on inside of a phone. Most times it’s easier someone can just send text or email. If you haven’t done so, may want to back up files n factory reset phone or just get different phone n phone number. I’m trying figure out how he knows where you are all the time. If he has family it’s not possible for him to monitor you 24/7 I think so how does he know when you leave n stuff? If he’s been around you and in your house he might’ve installed a tracker or camera in your house or car. There is rfid scanner online you can buy to try to find a device if you think he’s been tracking you that way n try to find. If you notice him around you most of time, at same time n there’s pattern or something, I would personally just call non emergency police to check on you at exact time this guy is. Try to gather as much evidence as you can n file police report. It may end worse or not… but for me, I knew that my ex knows if he tried anything he would be suspect number one! It made me feel much more safe. Also, do you travel with protection? Think if getting some pepper spray n firearm. Sometimes just knowing someone will defend themselves will get crazy guys like this to back down. Hope you stay safe n get this guy off your back! Remember your strong, your in charge of your life n nobody gonna change that.

@Foundlove thank you. I have considered talking to the family but they are the most unapproachable, nasty, rude people i have ever met. I thought it through quite carefully and don’t think i should speak to them. What’s strange is his girl friend seems to know and is silently going along with it all like nothing happening and still with him. I would have thought she would have said stop! of course a lot of what is happening is attention seeking behaviour obviously so they become the primary focus. over the last few days started ignoring it as your giving your power away by constantly focusing on it. If i could think of a way to make it stop that would be good as would like to just put this all behind me.There must be a way to make the person stop which just comes from them? perhaps be boring etc? what do you think?

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