Hi everyone I struggled with skin picking for about ten yea

Hi everyone
I struggled with skin picking for about ten years, but I have reduced my habits to at most 2 spots at a time, sometimes no spots at all.
But I've picked it back up. Today I went for a long walk knowing that my boots would give me blisters. The ones that I was working on before have almost completely healed. I picked while talking with my roommate. I used tools (when she was gone). For the past few weeks, walking has been nearly intolerable. I am scared by how bad it has gotten, and I am worried of being trapped by it again. It happened so insidiously -- like I am a frog in a pot of boiling water. I feel like I have no one to talk to about it who will understand. It is hard to explain that this is a compulsive urge that has defined and tarnished my life.
This has been a difficult school quarter. I am taking some particularly difficult classes, and I am ashamed to even type this, but I have gained some weight I have worked so hard to lose a few years ago. I haven't gained all of it back, but enough to feel uncomfortable in my body.
I have group therapy on Monday. I don't know how to talk about this because they aren't trained to respond, and I am sensitive about it. It is a hard thing to understand if you haven't experienced it on this level. People know it as a bad habit or a mindless pleasure, but few know it as an obsession.

the quarter shall pass. the classes will too. and then other stressors will come. and they will also pass. so, the question becomes what will you do to deal with this?

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So you only pick at your feet?

@unicorntemple In the past, no. In the past, I picked everywhere except my face (except once).
But right now, it is just my feet and one tiny spot on my right hand.

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