Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with ghsv1. My partner does not

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with ghsv1. My partner does not have hsv. Is there anything she can do to prevent from getting hsv beside protective sex? Is there medication or supplements she can start taking?

My doctor told there’s no need to get on any meds since I’ve only have had one outbreak. I’m currently taking a multi vitamin and lysine.

If anyone has been successful on not passing hsv to their partner please share. My gut is telling me it’s unavoidable and she will eventually get it.

the best preventive source is ***KNOWLEDGE***!
you probably didn't download and read the FREE manual we have pinned at the top or you wouldn't be asking!

here's that link again:

BTW, while dating a few, i never passed it!
but i knew all there is to know and i knew my body's signs down cold!
when in doubt, KEEP IT OUT!

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@a_survivor thanks, I agree. I do have a question. My doctor is not recommending antiviral since I have GHSV-1 and Ive only had 1 outbreak. Do you. Guys disagree? Im not sure if I need them just yet.

@Joejoe38 I'm no expert but I'm 5 weeks in and had 2 separate outbreaks. I'm going to keep meds on hand!!!

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don’t forget there are options as well! please see: