Hi everyone. I'm currently dating someone I work with. At wo

Hi everyone. I'm currently dating someone I work with. At work we barely speak. But then after work we barely speak on the phone and he mostly texts me. We hang out in person on the weekends. Is this healthy? I don't know if i'm being too needy because I want him to call me more, and i'm scared because i took a healthy relationship quiz and it appears I may be trying to control him. Should i just fill up my time and let him come to me whenever he's ready? I've never been in a relationship before, and intimacy/vulnerability is new terrain.

Relationships are not a one way street. If you feel unsatisfied with something regarding your relationship, perhaps it's time to talk to your partner and express your feelings on the matter. It's not unreasonable to want to talk to your partner regularly on the phone. In my personal opinion, hearing someone's voice is so much more meaningful than receiving a text from them. What is most important is that this relationship is fulfilling to both you and your partner. It may be the case that your partner is satisfied with what you currently have, and has no idea that you are not. It could be that he is unsatisfied as well, but feels that you are satisfied and doesn't want to say anything. It could be a million things, but you'll never know for sure until you have a heart to heart with him and express your feelings (and make sure to listen when he shares his as well). This is where communication becomes key. If this is a relatively new relationship, don't worry. Being able to comfortably communicate with each other will come in time as long as you practice doing so! Your first relationship can be really intimidating. People everywhere are all telling you a million different things and giving you all sorts of conflicting advice. I find it useful to look at my situation as if someone else was experiencing it, and see what advice I would give them. I hope this helped a bit!

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@aamby52 thank you!