Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to this group but wanted to intr

Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to this group but wanted to introduce myself. I'm a shopoholic and am nowhere near recovered. I've dealt with compulsive buying my entire adult life and finally feel like I can't / don't want to deal with this alone anymore and desperately need a support group like this to help combat feelings of low self esteem, guilt and anxiety, all a result of my over shopping. As a former Shopping Editor (no joke!) and blogger, I also feel the need to create a Podcast and online community for serial shoppers. I'm wondering if anyone would feel comfortable contributing to my soon-to-be launched Podcast, SerialShopperShow.com or online forum that is open to the public to share your personal struggles and experiences with shopping addiction? I'm doing this not only to clear the air and help myself deal with daily shopping addiction, but also as an outlet to help you and anyone else out there that might be suffering from the same addiction. FYI: I am NOT a therapist and am just tired of keeping things inside. I'd much rather have / create a network of like-minded shoppers who can support each other and deal with this awful addiction. The struggle is real! If you or someone you now is interested in being interviewed for my soon-to-be launched Podcast, SerialShopperShow.com, please let me know. With love and gratitude. xx

We wanted to check in with you and see how you were doing and how we can best support you.