Hi everyone. I'm in the second year of my honours program a

Hi everyone.
I'm in the second year of my honours program at university. All throughout my elementary and secondary career, I was an excellent student. I never procrastinated, meticulously thought out and completed my assignments before the deadline, and never struggled to focus on something. However, since my first year of university, I've found that my ability to focus is deteriorating, rapidly. At the beginning of my second semester, I took Adderall for the first time. My friend had a prescription and gave me 10mg. That was enough to motivate me for a while. Until my second year. With school being online and everything, I couldn't even bring myself to open my laptop on some days. However, when I took adderall, I was able to make up for all the time I had wasted. My dosage slowly increased until I found I had to take at least 40-50 mg just to finish a project. Now my tolerance has surpassed 50mg. I have all these plans for how I want to be productive and make progress throughout my days but, unless I take adderall, I usually just end up staring at the screen, dreaming of the doom and failure that is my future. I'm almost done with finals, and I know I'm going to need adderall to finish successively on time. After, however, I want to quit. If I get a prescription for it, I want to take it moderately. I need to rid myself of the control this has over my life. I'm just not sure where to start.

Hi, hope you have a therapist and or AA sponsor you are working with. If you are taking someone else’s Adderall, then you are no longer sober.

I know I am late to this conversation, but you need to know that you are not suppose to take more than 40mg of Adderall in 24 hours. I used to take 60mg/24 hours and it almost killed me. So if you stay on Adderall stick to 40mg and no more. IF you come off of it, wing yourself off. Do not go cold turkey. It will do more damage than good. It's a stimulate and affects your heart. I wish you luck. I hope all goes well and take care.

@Krashtian Thanks for sharing this information,with us.
You are correct, that you cannot take more then 40mg of Addreall in a 24 hour period.