Hi everyone. i'm just gonna get to the point here. i feel

hi everyone. i'm just gonna get to the point here.

i feel like nobody wants to be my friend.
i don't know what it is about me that's so unlikable. i try everything: being myself, being someone else, keep quiet, or even be the blast of energy. there is just no ways i can get through to people.

and i know that if i'm meant to be, i won't even have to try so hard. but what's left for me to do.
everyone sees me as a backup plan. they don't care either i'm present or absent.

i'm just so tired of being insignificant and small. i just wish someone would point out where i go wrong.

maybe i'm trying to fit in communitie(s) that don't want me. but i wonder if there's a place for me at all. i don't fit in anywhere. sometimes, i just want to move across country so i can matter to some foreigners. lol

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I supported you if you ever want to talk

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Maybe it,'s not you. Maybe it’s them.
Can be very hard to find the right crowd.
Just know there are people out there that will care.
And there is always this place!

Man, this reminds me of middle/high school me. In my case, I at least had a few real friends that actually seemed to care for me. These were usually people I connected with outside of my main social group.
At some point, I decided to just stop trying with my main group and decided to focus on just one person.
Ik I valued our relationship more then they did since they had other friends, but I did find myself happier with a relationship I could clearly define.
I don't know how your situation is- I'm not saying you should cut off your current social group like I did. This post isn't necessarily advise, it's more just to say that your not the only one with those feelings. I felt like a sheep when I was following around my main group and was so tired of it.
It's likely that there is someone near you feeling the same way-- someone closer then a foreigner haha.

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@Yoana hahah yeah but i do want to move abroad tho :')

Where would you move to? Am intrigued.

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@Inmylittleroom probably somewhere in Europe or America :slight_smile: