Hi everyone, im new to the group. I wanted to ask from peopl

Hi everyone, im new to the group. I wanted to ask from people who know, who have alzheimers or dementia or love with someone with a neurodegenrative disease. I have been having symptoms for some years now, and my doctor so far (i will be seeing someone different soon) has not taken me seriously due to my age. I want to know if you think these things should be a cause for concern. If you dont want to read the whole list please just comment below your own.
I lose or misplace my phone, keys, and wallet very often, to the point where i am often late or break down in tears
I sometimes forget to stop at red lights or stop signs
I often will be driving and forget where im going, miss a turn, or make a wrong turn, very often.
I make a grocery list because i cannot remember what i needed from the store when i get there, but i almost always leave the list at home or in the car
Sometimes i forget to go to the bathroom
I can never remember birthdays of anyone, even my father's.
I forget to brush my teeth (ew, im sorry).
Ive been fired from my last 3 jobs because ive forgotten important information or couldnt get the hang of a new task.
I love knitting but i constantly have to count and recount my stitches but i still mess up the pattern.
Ive left my wallet in the car many times and have had to leave the line at the store embarassed.
Ive locked myself out of my car 3 times in the last year and needed to call for help.
My partner is increasingly getting more and more frustrated with my forgetfulness and general ditziness and its starting to ruin our relationship (amoung other things).
I often walk back and forth from the car to the house before i leave or after i get home because i keep forgetting to grab things i need.
I keep a daily planner in my purse and forget to use it.
I forget important dates, like appointments, etc.
I have a hard time understanding new concepts, like how something works mechanically
I very very often retell stories to my partner just to hear him say ive already told him a million times.
It takes me weeks to remember someones name.
I cant tell you what i ate yesterday, im trying to think of it now and i cant.
My partner and i will come to an agreement about something, to do something, etc., and when the time comes i get upset thinking i never agreed to do xyz but i did, and we fight about it.
I almost always forget what i said to him in a fight, so i cant properly defend myself because i dont know what i said previously
I constantly overexplain myself

...The list goes on...

I recently lost an envelop which contained a large amount of money.
Sometimes i will be talking on the phone to my partner and tell him i cant find my phone.
I often look for things i think i csnt find but im already carrying them.

My 76YO mother has had similar symptoms developing gradually over 7 or so years. She was asked to leave a counseling practice a few years ago due to cognitive issues and not pulling her weight; she was 1/3 partner in the business. She was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) last year, which is not necessarily Alzheimer's. She's now on memantine, a drug to slow the progression of dementia.

My brother and others in the family didn't take it seriously either; I'd express concerns and be lambasted for criticizing my mother, but I was around her much more than others and saw deficits sooner and more often. Former doctor also told her it was age-related changes. Luckily (?), new family doctor wrote "short-term memory loss" in her chart last year and got the ball rolling with evaluations.

You could simply have MCI or adult onset attention-deficit disorder. But I would definitely recommend getting that second opinion.

Has anyone close to you, such as your partner, expressed concern? They can often help with the doctor and sometimes a person must accompany you to the psych eval to give their opinion.

@baabaa thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, my partner frequently voices his concern for my memory loss, it causes a lot of tension between us. I have read about MCI, it definitely sounds like a possibility. Id never been to a doctor in my adult life until a few months ago, in december, and she didnt take my concern for my memory seriously, im suspecting because of my age… im not old enough to have memory problems yet. Im so worried about being humiliated at the doctors office again, im scared to tell any other doc about it. Im afraid they wont take me seriously either…

Thank you. I have a referral coming in the mail in the next few days to see a neurologist. But im so afraid theyll just think im wasting their time.. im 20.

That is the specialist you need to see. Let them know all your symptoms. Keep seeking help. If you dont get answers you may need to pay out of pocket for real answers from a doctor.