Hi everyone, i'm pulling my hair while writing this, i have

Hi everyone, i'm pulling my hair while writing this, i have been pulling for 4 hours straight. I want to stop but i can't, i keep finding those imperfect hairs but perfect for pulling. Hi my name is Fatema, i'm a female, age 23, been pulling since 7 grade. But it started by me pulling scabs from my scalp, i would purposly scratch my scalp so that it turns to scabs, then one time i pulled a hair by accident and I LOVED IT. I managed to stop pulling for a year, but i would still pull but not in the sameplace so that i don't form bald spots. I have anxity dissorder and i hord things and i think ihave mild OCD. I want to see a therapist ; so that i can talk to someone about everything because i cant talk to the people in my life but unfortunatly i can't because i'm a Middle eastern and here they think ur completly nuts if u see a therapist, so i can't go untill i get my own car, which my fatjer bought me but they won't allow me to drive because i am a woman and here they always see women as lower than men and stupid, and that really gives me anxiety attacks were my stomach really hurts and my spleen gets really painful because im an independent person. I keep on eating because i feel some sort of sooth but then i get anxity attack because im getting fat and everyday my family remind me of that, my parents keep on telling me how fat and ugly i am, my father counts my bites when i sit to eat. I'm really tiered from everything. The man i love knows about my conditions , he wanted to marry me but my family refused him because he doesn't have a good "rank" and because he is black and i am white. That also frustrates me alot. I wish i lived in America were i could just leave home and get married and be reliefed from all this. Thank u stranger for reading this short story( trust me this is the simplified shortend child friendly story of my life). I would like someone who i could chat with on facebook, some one like a "shrink" but not really, not sure if u guys understand what i mean. I can't really talk to the people in my life because they would judge and they will see me with pity and i don't like that. Anyways not to make this longer for the first time typing in a support group i will sign off now stranger. Thank u very much were ever u are and who ever u are i wish u love peace and happiness. XOXO

Hi Fatema thanks for sharing your story. I can't believe you are going through so much! I also suffer from trichotillomania and anxiety and have been pulling my hair out for years. I live in Australia and it's wonderful to speak to people from around the world with similar issues. It sounds like your family and cultural issues really affect your anxiety levels. Is there any chance you can move away and focus on yourself and your marriage? I think your partner sounds incredible and supportive and i hope you can get married. Don't stress about feeling judged on here - it's all about supporting each other :)

Thanx for reading all that. Unfortunatly moving away isn't an option in my culture. I'm bound to stay in home unless i get a job, even the job my father chooses for me. No matter how much i fight back they keep on oppressing me more and more.

@WhiteOwl93 whats ur culture

I'm an Arab. That should explain everything to u

do u feel like ur never heard by others and respected? sounds like u have had it rough well this support group must help u a bit tho?

I'm really optimistic and positive about this support group. I hope i would feel better by time.

@WhiteOwl93 its helped me alot to see that we all have issues and we all can be helped, I hope it guess u what u need and the support u are looking for there are some really cool ppl on ere

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