Hi everyone. It's almost New Years so have a happy! I really

Hi everyone. It's almost New Years so have a happy! I really hope things get better for me in 2016! I really need this change for the better. So I ended the year with the following abuse/lecture as he calls it. First and foremost I'm fat not the "sleek, elegant women he married" 15 years ago. Yes, I gained 20 pounds but had 2 kids and in late 40's. And btw so did he! Secondly he took a picture of me of my backside to "show" me how bad my hair looks(yes, I purposely chopped it just to feel free and he hates it!) he says to me not only r u fat but now u have disgusting hair. I'm not attracted or into u at all. Also note he's going bald but this is what I expected to happen to people as they get older. Of course, he still thinks he looks 25 because he has no sense of realism whatsoever. The last comment got me the worst though. He called me stupid and selfish! I have a masters plus in math, really? Then when all is said looks at me and says u know I'm there for u. I guess he is right how could I ever have been that stupid to fall for him and put up with him for so long. Thanks for letting me vent! I need prayers and strength to do what I need to do.

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Sounds like a good time as any to make that New Year's resolution. You can do it and we are all here for you. Hugs

So you are still with this narc? Tell me you are making a plan to get away from him this year with NC. I hope that can be your New Years Resolution. After 15 years and 2 kids, 20 pounds is NOTHING to gain! He really is delusional! I'm glad you chopped your hair to piss him off. Good move for you!!! As for calling you stupid, that's just a standard narc insult. Obviously you are not stupid if you have a Master's plus! He's probably threatened by your intelligence, and that is why he would say that. and feel free to come on here anytime to vent. That's part of what we are all about. These narcs drive you crazy and normal people just don't understand the concept of narc's. So I hope this is the beginning of a great year for you (away from him). HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!