Hi everyone, i'v desided to have some body mods preformed. I

Hi everyone, i'v desided to have some body mods preformed. I went through chemical castration from 1999 till 2005. I desided against reasignment surgery. Im happy as a feminized male. Im very happy with my smaller genitalia. But i want all the unwanted excess skin removed. But im having a hard time finding a surgen to agree to do it. Any ideas

Has anyone had any experiance with latex compression pantys? I was told they will shrink the skin by lowering the blood flow to the genitals. I just affraid the results wont be perminate.

@TommyM4M1958 the only other option iv found is banding. My scrotom until it dies and falls off. And im seriously considerring it. My body hasn’t produce any testosterone since 2000. So theres no reason to keep my none functional testicles, or the sack they came in. I desperatly want this. Any sugestions will be appreciated

Hy Tommy, as CKarma says it's better to seek a proffesional medical opinion. I've never hear of the binding you speak of, but it sound somewhat similar to what they do to castrate rams here - they put a really tight elastic band around the balls. A farmer caught our dog and did that to him, it was extremely painful for the dog, it took weeks for them to rot off completely, and we had to keep spraying him with antisceptic to stop infection. If what your thining of is similar I'd definitely not recommend it.
Just to let you know in future when writing about such things it might be better to keep it all in one post (rather than adding the comments) with a ***Trigger Warning*** at the top as some members find it disturbing to read about such things.
Wishing you all the best with it mate, hope you find a doctor who'll help you.

My doctor specializes in reasinment surgery. Im on tbe waiting list at one of the top medical universitys in the midwest. I transitioned with my doctor and have been his patient for 18 years. Im exploring all options. Iv wanted these changes. Made since i deside against the reasignment surgery. After chemical castration and 6 years of harmon theripy and a 5000. Breast implants i still looked like a man in drag. I am a victom of being born in the 50's. I waited to long to tranition

As a women. Straight men wanted to kill me and gay men wouldnt give me the time of day. Now i have so much extra skin i look deformed. I have to do something to at least be happy with myself or i might as well be dead.

@TommyM4M1958 most days that seems like the best choice . I hate my body. I was forced into construction by my father and it left me with arms the bodybuilders envy. Im just trying to do something to be able to live with myself.