Hi everyone :) I've recently found out I have a pretty sensiHi everyone :) I've recently found out I have a pretty

Hi everyone :) I've recently found out I have a pretty sensitive soy allergy (among others: dairy, eggs and few random easy to avoid food items). Soy is proving the most difficult of course because nowadays it's everywhere. I'm having a really hard time finding food that is free of cross contamination. I'm very slowly rebuilding my pantry with allergen free food but I know I haven't been meeting my daily calorie or nutrient count for the past three weeks. I'm really concerned about protein since all farm animals are fed some form or quantity of soy feed, which I cannot eat due to how sensitive my allergy is. I may have more luck in the summer months finding 100% grass fed lamb or beef. The hardest part really is that I can't find anyone else with a soy allergy and I'm started to get exhausted. Anyone on here?? Thanks

yeah, soy is everywhere. It is hard to avoid. I found this link that might be helpful http://livesoyfree.com/livesoyfree.com/Soy-Free_Foods.html I wonder if you can eat meat that was fed corn? like looking for corn fed meat products etc?

@Aura82 Thanks, I’ll check out the link. I would be able to eat corn fed meat if I could find some. I live in Quebec and all poultry is fed some soy. I could eat grass fed lamb or beef but it has to be 100% grass and hay fed. There is a possibility of me finding that. I’m going to eat vegan for now while I rebuild my diet. I’m going to look into fish and seafood, but again farm fish are fed soy. It’s pretty upsetting to see how soy is everywhere. There is one restaurant (a steak house) and one bakery here in Montreal that is allergen free. I’m waiting to hear back from the nutritionists who work there. Thanks again. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@CKarma Hey :slight_smile: Thanks, I’ve been to this website too but I haven’t looked through the whole site, I should do that. Take care! Hugs to you too :slight_smile: