Hi everyone! just joined and happy to be here......like most

Hi everyone- just joined and happy that this exists......like most people in this group, I pull my hair out and am working hard to stop doing it (I am in high school).. mostly I so does anyone have any certian products they would recommend to me/others going through this? I have been using coconut oil and a scalp stimulate, but am looking especially for products that will really speed up the re-growth of my hair. Also, I find dry and curly hair to be much more triggering (do you guys feel this??) so wanted to see if anyone knows of any products that can really soften the hair or maybe even change its texture entirely. thanks and i wish everyone the best of luck.

I've read vitamins work best. Maybe try biotin, folic acid, and/or hair, skin and nails. Some people claim they can grow an inch a month by taking these vitamins daily. And if you're worried about bald spots or thinning hair in the mean time, try Toppik. It basically colors in bald spots and is supposed to look pretty realistic. I've also found clip-in hair extensions to be quite helpful. Once you figure out how to use them creatively, you can cover just about any bald spot and make it look like you have more hair than you do. I started pulling when I was 16 and never thought I would still be pulling at 21. I understand being anxious for hair to grow back faster, I used to try everything in the book. But hang in there and be patient. The only thing that got me to stop pulling for a couple years was getting professional help. I would recommend that the most if you haven't already. Hope any of this helps

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Thank you so much for responding and all the advice, it means a lot and I will definitly check this all out!
it kind of scares me a bit to think I too could be pulling until I’m 21, but I really hope and believe I can beat this soon…any thing that you wish you had done or stopped before it was too late or set in practice (if that makes any sense)? Thanks again, and I hope the best for u :slight_smile:

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