Hi everyone married here 32 and 46 im 32 my husband doesnt

Hi everyone married here 32 and 46 im 32 my husband doesnt like when i use apps to make friends. he got mad when he saw an app on my phone no it was not a dating app. I cant drive because of my frequent seizuress but even when i can it not that i dont want to its just dont like driving in area im in. husband says join a bowling club something like that and there are other clubs to join maybe u can find friends there. I dont really wanna do that. I said one day lets make a gay couple for friends another couple my husband and I and the other couple but when i say lets make it together some how he just doesnt really say anything. im like we can go out with them have them over since we dont have friends here. my best friend is 3 hours away from me not in my area. what do i do. He says if i made a gay male friend at work he doesnt want me hanging with them alone even alone at house he says he dont trust the other peson and that he would have to hang as welI. Dont work anymore do to my frequent seizures which havent happened in a few months. now dont get me wrong hes a great guyand defentily not controlling so dont even say he might be. people sometimes say but i promise hes not. i keep trying to bring up the gsy couple for friends which i mentioned above now i forgot to say it can be straight or a gay couple. i love him and hes so good to me. this is hard he works crazy hours night shift 4-midnight some time a lil later not by much he wroks in hotel as ops manager but even if he works crazy hours we can do this when hes off for freinds but he doesnt want to by him not really saying anything to me.

So your problem is that your husband doesn't want to have friends over?

@Fohb460 well kinda that and basically what i said in what i wrote if u understand what i wrote