Hi everyone my husband binges eats. what I mean by that is h

Hi everyone my husband binges eats. what I mean by that is he gets up in the middle the night and goes to eat this is ever night almost. I said to him you are binge eating nd getting up in middle of night to eat every night it not healthy. he dissent even know he's doing it if I mention by saying you left crumbs on counter or on floor nd I hubs to clean it up afterwords and the bowl from cereal that gets on the floor and table. one time I said your binge eating you made a mess on table he's like no I didn't. so one time he came home from work he works from 4pm to midnight or a lil later. he comes home and is hungry cus he didn't want to eat dinner at work he wasn't hungry. he comes home and eats which im like ok you didn't eat at work I can see why ur eating. then we go to bed and then he gets up and eats again. he's pre diabetic. his weight has gotten worse. we both are finally seeing our new primary care dr in November that's when they had an appoint same day for us back to back appoinment. im so scared if he comes diabetic. my mom is a diabetic and she told him its hard work u can't miss medication u have to check sugar a lot its a lot of work to manage. he takes other medication and hes like my weight gain is from my medication im like its not fully from that. I don't even know where to begin I keep trying to tell him his weight is not good and that im worried about him. don't know what else to do he dies what he wants but im a very caring husband I make sure he goes to drs he needs and other things he's a great guy as well but anyways im scared and worried with this binge eating. he gained a lot of weight which is not good. Im so scared for his health and I don't know what else to do. one more thing he eats a lot of junk food.

I understand it's a real worry. He can't help himself right now. He needs something that will motivate him. Weight watchers is a good place because you have more support. It sounds like he needs help for depression at the very least. All you can do is try to get him to go for walks everyday and keep trying to motivate him. Let him know he's worth it. The exercise will be good for depression and hos overall health. If you have a mall you guys could go walk there during bad weather.

@Fohb460 he don’t have depression there has to be another approach. he walks a lot from his job he’s a manager at a resort. I try snd get him to go for walks by the water I try and tell him to look cuz one time I said let’s do an easy hike but he thinks like climbing its not like that I told him. we walk the mall every once in a while. we go to our new primary care dr in November back to back appointment. the thing is his body is so used to him sleeping before work and him eating and his body got used to him eating late at night when he gets home from work and then gets up and goes to eat so its a routine that his body got used to I hope you understand what im saying