Hi everyone out there. I'm new to this obviously and been un

Hi everyone out there. I'm new to this obviously and been under a rock for the past 2 years. I know who actually gave it to me but never understood how I got it until I went to the Dr and also read about what was happening. She was so comfortable about the whole situation that I knew right then and there she had it. Well anywho, I feel somewhat alone because I feel that no other woman would want an affective man. This has been so hard on me and at times I can't concentrate at work.

I know exactly what your going thru I'm doing the same cause it does feel like u will never find a soul mate I also have a hard time focusing at work

I absolutely agree! NOT that we are nasty at all in reality,but I feel like we're (infected ppl) are looked at as such.I feel like I will never have sex or be romantic again.of course I just found out less than a month ago that I have been infected for over Six months! I've only had one outbreak since being diagnosed but it was very mild. my Dr confirmed it as such and I realized wat I thought to b small bundles of ingrown hairs in the past were really outbreaks! No fun:( I feel like (and this could be just my newbie emotions dealing with this) like I have no interest in dating or having any further sex (I'm single atm) for the rest of my life! I couldn't imagine exposing someone I love to this nightmare! Even if we were long term,they knew ect,I feel like the hsv wld ALWAYS be in the room with us.it'd b the white elephant in every situation (sexually) and even if I cld relax enough to have sex I already kno all I cld think about wld b me possibly infecting the other person at that very moment. N if my long term partner ended up gettin it then I'd feel AWFUL.but Idk like I said this may jus b a new emotion because I'm newly diagnosed.