Hi everyone reading this so I'm talking to a,guy yes I'm ga

Hi everyone reading this so I'm talking to a,guy yes I'm gay so the guy who says hes hiv positive and that hes undetectable that he cant transfer it to me. He says its harder to pass and that I can go on prep and we never met yet just been talking. It scares me I'm new to this hiv undetectable never spoke to someone who has it. What do I do has anyone had this experience before and if you did what did you do. He tells me I can speak to someone about it to feel more comfortable has anyone been in a relationship with someone who is hiv postive but undetectable. Hes a nice guy but still the risk I never wanna get it. What would my parents think if they find out hes hiv postive but undetectable . I'm 28 I'm gay but straight acting so I dont know if my family would be ok with this has anyone had to tell there family and if so what was said and how did it go then he said he cheated only once in life and im like I was CHeated on by my boyfriend who I was with 2 years something months and he says I understand will go slow because u been hurt and he saidI'm not cheating nor do I plan on cheating I like you and only you. But the undetectable gets me so what should I do any ideas suggestions would be great or if anyone wants to share their story that be great and if anyone has been on prep did it work any side effects
Also if anyone can explain how u can not catch it meaning when not having sex and the forks and cups what to do with I have dishwasher and can u have sex not saying I'm having sex with someone just asking.and then when not having sex what to do to protect your self can we kiss what if Silvia he also told me this And the prep thing isn't anything anytime soon because sex isn't important to me.

https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/art/index.html, this should help you figure things out, remember, there are always condoms and in a new relationship, they should be used, regardless.

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@CKBlossom Thank you I know condoms of course

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